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James Deen Blk and Blu Deeper Harder


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Product Description

Want to try an all night long different positions? Feet in the air, hands free to explore, going deeper and deeper. Having a full comfort and pleasure and an endless positions that will make you groan with satisfaction. The James Deen Deeper Harder Longer is an adjustable position aid that will assist you in making different positions, even the most difficult ones, comfortable and easy. This versatile tool is ideal for for sexually adventurous partners. It perfectly supports various parts of the body in a wide range of sexual positions. You can experiment with a range of different positions by adjusting the connecting straps. It has a large padded strap toward the top end that can support either the neck or the hips. A set of two strap loops are available to cradle the feet, ankles or wrists. Two looped leather handles mid-point can be held by either partner, depending on the desired position. The fully adjustable strap has a simple sliding buckles between the neck or hip rest and the foot or wrist loop makes it easy and quick customization. This position strap can make you do a lot of possible position that you have in your fantasies. You can use it as support for doggy-style position, or to spread the legs of the wearer leaving your lover free to openly explore and pleasure you. It allows you to experience a deeper penetration that will have you both moaning with satisfaction. The position strap is made from a continuous piece of black and blue leather and suede materials and the buckles are made from durable plastic. You can wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean, then air dry. Store in a dry place. Do not machine wash or use alcohol to clean product.

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