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Ohhh Bunny Purple Foxy Bunny Clitoral Stimulator


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Product Description

We at our OhhhBunny factory have a range of bunnies that'll suit any taste and every desire. Our rabbit inspired collection of bunny hoppers are ohhh so gentle to your body, but will always be adventurous in any way you choose. Whether you and your bunny are getting it on solo or spicing things up with a partner, we guarantee an experience ohhh so pleasurable it will inspire you to go at it… like rabbits. BUNNY-CENTRIC DESIGN At OhhhBunny, we believe in superior quality at affordable prices for all our bunny lovers. Our team of bunny-centric designers work tirelessly to ensure that all our products are crafted to the highest standards known to human or rabbit kind. We take inspiration from nature's little hoppers and created a look that's Ohhh so soft to the touch. Don't take our word for it, feel them for yourself. THE MOST PLEASURE PLEASING CLITORAL STIMULATOR EVER RECHARGEABLE Your Bunny can operate for 2 hours when it's fully charged. That's a whole lotta love'n. The charging status will display through the bunny's beautiful LED signal. 12 VIBRATION MODES The Foxy Bunny has 12 hopping, ear twitching, body shaking, toe curling vibration modes, enabling you to unlock all your sexual desires. HIGH QUALITY All our bunnies get their silky smooth texture from the DNA of medical grade silicone, delivering you a sensation like no other. SPLASH PROOF The seamless finish of all our bunnies allows you to enjoy yourself in all the right wet places. You can submerge the the bunny's head and ears, bet never its full body. EASY OPERATION All our bunnies come with an ohhh so easy one button control. With a single touch, control all your favorite toe curling modes. USB CHARGER To make things handy, our team of bunny engineers has included a portable USB charger so you can charge your bunny anywhere, any time. So charge ahead and let you bunny loose in the wild

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