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KinkCrate- Couples Surprise- One Crate Only


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Product Description

***Please note this is not a subscription. This is for a single surprise KinkCrate. If you want a specific crate you can look at those available on the KinkCrates page of our shop. To sign up for a monthly subscription visit: *** ***International orders- This crate ships internationally for a nominal shipping cost*** Couples, it’s time to break out the kinkiness. Forget about going to a sex store or shopping online. You will always find high quality items, ranging from restraints and gags to whips, lubes, candles, and more. This is your chance to try something different in the bedroom (or the kitchen, the living room, or anywhere else you like to go to get down)! We’ll include a complete guide to introduce all the items and give you an idea as to what you can do with them. It’s a great way to turn up the heat with your partner and show each other what you like! Total crate value will be between $70 & $120 per month Take a deep breath, the boxes always arrive unmarked, so no one will know that there is kinkiness inside until you do the big reveal behind closed doors. ***The shown photos is of past crates and is representative of the type of crate you will receive***

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