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6.75” in length 1.75” girth at thickest part 1” girth at thinnest part Why place a string of pearls on your lover’s neck when you can dazzle them in much more intimate and exciting ways? This strikingly sexy, opaque, borosilicate glass toy is a work of art. It features a series of deep, black onyx beads stacked one on top of the other in a delicious, delicate curve. The beads start small and slowly increase in size to a thick, wide base. The beaded texture and wide base makes this toy perfect for vaginal or anal* play, and the curvy, voluptuous shape make it perfect for g-spot or prostate stimulation. Compatible with all types of lubricant. Handling and Care: Clean thoroughly after before and after each use and store in a cool, dry, safe space. Can be cleaned by boiling or using warm water and toy-safe cleaning agent. Do not boil glass toys with any other toy as they may clink against one another and cause small fractures. Do not freeze glass toys or put them directly in the microwave – instead explore temperature play by submerging your toy in water that has been heated or cooled to the desired temperature. Carefully inspect glass toys for stress fractures before each use. *When using glass toys for anal play, please exercise caution and keep a firm grip on the toy; the slippery surface, combined with lubricant, can cause even a wide-based toy to slide all the way into your body.

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